The procedure for qualifying for the financing is as follows:
1. Client submits their Project which includes all the following documents in English.

• Project Submission Form.
• Executive Summary and Business Plan
• Principal’s Resume with background and experience
• Profit and Loss Projection
• Use of Funds Projection
• Client Information Sheet.
• Copy of Passport & ID of Signatories
• Articles of Incorporation
• Proof of Funds as per Program Requirements. This will require a Ready Willing and Able
Letter (RWA) from your Banker, Accountant or Attorney attesting that you have the
necessary funds available to you which you are Ready Willing and Able to reserve in a
Funds for the duration of your Project Funding. .


2. If approved, a Terms and Conditions Agreement will be issued listing all details of the
transaction for the client’s review as well as any pending conditions.

3. Client will then have the opportunity to speak with the Attorney representing THE
well as with a principal of THE INVESTOR to discuss the mechanics of their funding.

4. Upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions Agreement, client will be required to
return an
endorsed copy of the Agreement, documents related to any pending conditions.

5. Conditions will be checked in and the final review of the file will take place.

6. The Final Funding Agreement (FFA) for the Project Funding will be issued requesting the
Reserve Funds to be transferred as required.

7. Client will be required to return the endorsed FFA along with a copy of the wire
report to the Reserve Account.

8. Confirmation of the funds being received into the Reserve Account will be done.

9. Funding will ensue as per the FFA.

INITIAL REVIEW: Once we receive your complete submission, it will generally
take between 1 and 2 weeks to review your file. During this time we will be
reviewing your submission and making a credit
decision on you file.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT: Assuming your file is approved, we will
issue a Terms and Conditions Agreement which will give the general terms of
your transaction as well as list the conditions that need to be satisfied in order to
proceed to the next stage with your file.

All Terms and Conditions Agreements will have at lease the following conditions:
• Use of Funds Schedule: A detailed schedule which the client is to create to
show how the funds which will be invested by THE INVESTOR as shown in the
Draw Schedule shall be used in the development of the Project;

• Escrow Agreement: A confirmation of the acceptance of the Terms and
Conditions of the Escrow Agreement will be required. At this stage, by signing the
Terms and Conditions Agreement, you will be required to confirm that you will
sign the Escrow Agreement as written and will wire the
funds to the Escrow Account at stated on the Escrow Agreement upon endorsing
the Final Funding Agreement.

FINAL FUNDING AGREEMENT: Once we receive the endorsed Terms and
Conditions Agreement along with the conditions requested therein, we will
complete the final review of the file. Typically this will take
under a week to complete assuming that all that has been requested was
remitted at the same time.
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JV Equity Program
CITI Financial Group  is taking the knowledge gained in its 30+ year business of originating short term commercial loans and applying it to a JV Equity program launched in early 2004. In
2012 CFG made several joint venture investments in properties containing 2,495 units and we have many more deals in the pipeline.
CFG seeks to invest in properties and acquisitions which are:

Stabilized, undermanaged or “value add” multi-family opportunities which would benefit from a capital improvement program and better hands on management.
Well-located in areas showing positive indications of growth and which contain catalysts that promote employment and housing demand (e.g. universities, new commercial developments,
airports, hospitals, and business centers, Retail, Office, Sub-Division, Oil and Gold, Hotel, Apartment, Warehouse).

In need of equity investment ranging from $2 million to $500 million.
Able to provide a leveraged IRR in excess of 15% and a day one leveraged cash-on-cash return of a minimum of 10%.

CFG Seeks to invest with partners who:
Have a significant track record and expertise in the market where the asset is located
Are capable of investing at least 20% of the equity
Have a relationship with agency or local banks and are able to (i) effectively navigate the agency loan application process and (ii) sign on any necessary guarantees.
CITI Financial Group Direct is a one stop source for small business and Large business seeking commercial financing.

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