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Citi Financial Group Direct - Commercial Loan Placement Agency, a better way to get funded.
CITI Financial Group Direct (A privately own Loan Placement Firm) was founded on the premise of
providing unconventional financing to small to large businesses options for funding their operations. In
this tough and challenging Lending Economy, we can provide creative funding solutions for your Project.
As you know, it is extremely hard for any business, let alone a small business or start-up, to obtain a
bank loan. Many businesses have been led to believe that hard money loans are on of their only options
for financing. At Citi Financial Group Direct, we understand the problems that businesses face in
obtaining funding. Whether you need a start-up loan, working capital for your business, or funding for
other reasons, we can help you. From small business loans, merchant cash advances, bad credit loans,
general business funding, franchise funding, unsecured loans, small business equipment leasing, or
business lines of credit. We can help you find a solution to your funding needs.
 We also provide
construction loans, Proof of funds for down payment and trade Investments, Green Energy
funding solution. Your one stop shop for commercial Hard money loans and Joint venture

Unlike a traditional broker, a placement agent develops the structure of the financing
transaction that is specific to each borrower’s needs, property and circumstances.

Expertise in complex financing scenarios, including senior housing, hospitality, multi-use properties and
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is often available through an investment banking group that acts as a
placement agent.

A placement agent can test the anticipated financing structure with its network of participant banks to
ensure the terms are acceptable to the bank market. The placement agent then presents the loan
transaction to several banks for review.

Spreading the risk

A developer previously would submit a $15-million loan request, for example, to a single bank to
construct a senior housing property. This loan amount may be at or near the bank’s lending limit and
could require several levels of approvals.

Using a placement agent, the same loan could be placed with several community banks that each takes
$1 million to $3 million, allowing each individual bank to assume less risk. Officers at the participant
banks can then more easily obtain approvals and diversify their loan portfolios.

Also, the bank involvement is now at the level of the community bank president or chief lending officer.
And one of the most pleasing benefits is that the accompanying loan documents resemble a paperback
book instead of the typical documents that more closely resemble “War and Peace.”

Many eggs, many baskets

The loan placement agent prepares a credit underwriting presentation of the transaction and submits it
to many potential banks, private investors, and private lenders. If a bank is not interested in the
transaction, other banks will likely find the financing attractive and suitable. Therefore, all of the eggs are
not in one basket.

This is an important difference from the “one bank” approach. A borrower can invest valuable time and
resources with a single bank and get repeated green lights.

However, it only takes one red light, often after substantial time and effort is invested, to send the
borrower back to the hunt for financing. This can result in loss-of-opportunity expense to the borrower.

Using a placement agent may allow the borrower to avoid making a significant, nonrefundable
application fee before learning the interest rate or reserve and reporting requirements.

Also, for borrowers developing or acquiring properties in multiple locations nationwide, it is difficult and
time-consuming to invest the travel time in order to present their financing package to local lenders at
each location.

Alternatively, placement agents can use their network of bank contacts across geographic markets to
present the financing to each market. Instead of investing time in the search for financing, the borrower’s
executives can focus on their core business.

Loan placement fees typically range from 0.75 percent to 2 percent of the loan amount depending on
the size and credit quality of the loan. The placement fees are paid at the loan closing similar to a bank
origination fee. If it is necessary to pay an origination fee to the lead lender or loan participants, this is
paid by the loan placement agent out of its loan placement fee.

Loan placement agencies may service the loans themselves, and about two-thirds of the companies do
this, so the borrower has one contact point for payment even if many banks are involved. Or, placement
agents may designate a lead lender that will service the loan, and all the lenders participate through that
single document.

More deals to see

Bankers routinely participate on loans with other banks, of course, but they tend to have developed
relationships with a finite number of “friend banks.” With loan placement agents, the participant bank,
typically a community bank, can benefit from the chance to be involved in financing opportunities the
bank may not normally see.

Often banks are interested in lending in areas outside of their own markets but do not have a way of
locating transactions in other areas.

Banks can diversify their portfolios by industry, borrower, geography, interest rate, structure and asset

Bankers can work with a placement agent to leverage the size of the financing they can accomplish. The
placement agent can place any “overline” (amount above their lending limit) with other banks.

This is especially important when the bank has a very good customer with total borrowings, or a project
size, that exceed the bank’s limit. It is important for the bank to meet the financing needs of a reliable
customer, retaining this valuable relationship. The placement agent can also help streamline
communications by working with the one lead bank or servicer.
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" When you need custom and creative funding solution, Citi Financial Group is
the clear choice. The provide the support and expertise to close my loan. As my
franchise continue to grow, "I can count on the team at CFG for their belief in my
business's potential and in me!"

Michael Thomas, Franchise Fast Food

"My experience with Citi Financial Group and their Investor has been excellent. I
found questions were answered quickly and response time to any request was
excellent. The employees I dealt with were friendly and courteous. I highly
recommend them for any challenging loan scenario.

Jim Harper, Harper Development, LLC

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