"I appreciate your service. You made it
happen! You said you could, you said
you would... and you did"
Pastor Brown, New Baptist Church

"I was very pleased with the
professionalism and customer service I
Mr. Eldon, Living Fate Christian
Church of New York

"Very proud to be able to say that our
church and ministry have been truly
Pastor Hodges, Neighborhood Great
Hope  Baptist Church
We are Church Loan Experts!

There has never been a better time to apply for a church loan.
Interest rates are low and can be amortized for as long as 30 years.

Many leaders are making loan and of those that do even fewer are willing to help churches.
We believe in this market and we believe that people of faith give even times are tough.

We arrange funding for  loans ranging from $75,000 to our largest project to date
$24,500,000 for small to large church.

If your church is looking for a loan to purchase, refinance, renovate or
reconstruct a building, simply complete our quick and easy application at right.
Church Loan Options:

When it comes to church loans, there’s no greater church financing expert than Griffin Capital Funding. We believe in
assisting people of faith to the best of our ability, and we fully intend to deliver for all of our qualified customers. Our goal this
year is to close $100,000,000 in loans for churches. We cover everything from church mortgage loans to church
construction loans, and we invite you to contact us to start the process on securing your congregation’s church loan. With
low interest rates and the ability to amortize for as long as 30 years, there is no better time than now to take action in finding
the funding to bring the vision for your church into reality.

We offer many different types of church loans:

- Church loan to purchase property:  Generally we can offer loans with first trust up to 80% and in certain markets 85%.  In
most cases we allow subordinate financing up to 90% with the purchaser bringing in as little as 10% of their own money plus
closing costs.
-  Church loan to refinance current debt:  When refinancing current debt the church does not generally need any of their
own money.  The closing costs of the church loan are rolled into the loan amount.
-  Church financing for construction:  If the church already owns the land they are building on it is very possible that they will
not need to put any cash into the construction project.  In general 80% of the total project cost can be financed but this can
increase if the church has equity in the property.
-  Church financing for renovation:  In most cases, the church does not need to bring in any of their own money to put
towards the cost of the renovations; instead the equity in the property is used as the church's contribution.  If the church has
little equity in the property compared to the cost of the renovations then the church may need to inject money into the project
to bring the total project cost to 80% of the completed value.

*** Church loan programs are subject to change.  Not all programs available in all areas.  Not every church will qualify for a
loan.  We strongly support equal credit opportunity for all churches!
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