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Citi Financial Group has strategic partnerships with several
institutional investors that represent a combined $30 Billion
in funds earmarked for Solar, Wind and other Renewable
Energy projects. Citi Prime Group’s Management team has
over 30 years experience and been involved with
financing/acquisition of nearly $1 Billion in past and current

EARLY STAGE ACQUISITION Citi Financial Group can arrange
acquisition of projects, and buy out the developer in the
early stages.Developer fees range from 3 to 6%, and can be
paid up-front or in stages, depending on the project. The
Developer can stay in the project or opt out. Submission
a) Power Purchase Agreement executed
b) Site Control with Land Contract or Option

c) Executive Summary Project Proforma

Approval and closing time is approximately 30-60 days.

FULL PROJECT ACQUISITION CFG can provide acquisition
funds to purchase completed projects. Investor will contract
for purchase prior or after construction. For pre-
construction commitments, construction funds can be
advanced in most cases, with final take-out purchase at COD.
Submission Requirements:
a) 1 MW minimum, no maximum (250kW minimum in Ontario)
b) Power Purchase Agreement Executed
c) Interconnect Agreement Executed
d) System Design complete
e) Site control with land contract or Option, and all
f) EPC contract
g) Project close to “permit-ready”Approval and Closing time
is approximately 45-60 days.
Wind Energy Finance

We have successfully
arranged funding with many
wind energy projects and we
assure you to provide fast
and easy solutions according
to your need.

Solar Energy Finance

Even though it was well
known long before that sun
rays are powerful source of
energy, the economical ways
of converting it was
mastered very recently. low
documentation renewable

BioFuel Energy Finance

Plants, agricultural produce
and animal wastes are used
to feed the biofuel industry. A
wide variety of feed-stocks
are -- available to producers
of biofuels today.

Hydro Energy Finance

The basics of electricity
production from a flowing
river are that the water is
held back in a reservoir
behind a dam and from there
it is released in a controlled
Green News

Several states offer
loans targeted at
technologies. Although
financing does not
reduce the capital cost
of a project, by
spreading payments out
over a long timeframe,
financing can make
projects more
affordable. This case
study first reviews
experience with the
Oregon Energy Loan
Program, one of the
more durable and
innovative loan
programs offered in the
U.S. for renewable
energy technologies.
The case then
describes the features
of renewable energy
loan programs in Idaho,
New York, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, and
Wisconsin. These
additional states are
featured to demonstrate
the range of possible
loan program designs
and to identify
innovative design
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