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Principal      DESIRED LOAN AMOUNT$________________$100k,250k,500k
Type of Loan: Unsecured Business Line of Credit, Equipment Loan


Business Name _________________________
Name______________        State of Incorporation
Tax ID# ___________       Years in Business ________

Years of Bus. Experience______
Years at Bus. Address_____        No. of
Business Type______LLC - Corporation - Sole
Proprietorship - Partnership
Products or Services Sold_____________________
City____________State _________ Zip
Monthly Sales $_____________       
Annual Sales
Business Phone__________        Fax  __________      
Website Address______________________

First Name_____________        Middle        
Social Sec# _____________       Date of Birth______        
City ___________       State _____       Zip________
Own or Rent  ______          Years At Address  ___      
Monthly Payment $_________
Drivers License#  _____________                                                                       
State  _____      Expires__________
Home Phone# __________        Cell#  ___________      
Personal Income $_________        Primary
Mother’s Maiden Name ______________       Total
Liquid Assets:  ____________
Place of Birth  ___________      Citizenship___________
Name of Credit Monitoring Service
User Name ___________________
(Be Exact Case Sensitive)        Password __________
(Be Exact Case Sensitive)

Please answer a few questions;

Have you filed bankruptcy in the past 7 years? If yes, when.__________
Do you have any derogatory trade-lines within the last 36 months?____________
Do you have any credit cards close to limit?___________
What’s the reason for personal/business line of credit?___________
What’s your most recent credit scores?______  ________  _______
What’s the highest credit card limit?___________
How many years of credit history?______________
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